The Website was created as a resource for those experiencing severe mental health conditions. We aim to fight the stigma surrounding open discussion of mental illness.

On this site you will find personal stories, recovery stories, links to products and open discussion by real people living with real mental health conditions.

The Author

My name is Ripley and I am the creator of

I am a biologist and a professional artist. I have complex PTSD, severe anxiety, bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder.

After the birth of my second child I experienced a profound and life-threatening psychiatric event. It was after this event I began writing about mental health.

During my illness, I was treated by medical professionals cruelly. I was led to believe that everything was in my imagination, and made sicker by being placed on medications that exasperated my symptoms. Once I recovered, I knew it was time to create a resource where people could go to find information.

It truly does feel (to me) that when one falls into a major mental health episode, the one and only goal is finding the way out again. I hope to share stories of my own circumnavigation of mental illness, along with other pieces of valuable information that may help those who find themselves lost in the darkness.